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We Don’t Do Carrots

July 17, 2008

When asked about possible incentives that might cause North Korea (or Iran) to end its nuclear ambitions, John Bolton (then as the U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security) famously replied, “I don’t do carrots.” Carrots as in sticks and carrots, of course, in this case leaving only the sticks, as in the big-stick, unilateral “diplomacy” that characterizes U.S. dealings with the rest of the world.

Presumably the stick works through fear. Often the left also thinks this is the best approach to getting what we want. But spending valuable energy echoing the daily messages of hopelessness only overwhelms most of us and paralyzes the best intentions.

So I was disappointed to read an article (Turning Your Lawn into a Victory Garden Won’t Save You — Fighting the Corporations Will) on Alternet by Stan Cox . Apparently Cox doesn’t think we should do carrots either.